Important information

 Direct Access for services is available and provided by our staff, all of whom are Doctors of Physical Therapy with Direct Access privileges. Under  Pennsylvania state law, you may consult with and be treated by our staff for 30 days prior to needing a physician’s prescription. So give us a call and we'll get  started ASAP!!

Most low back complaints do not need advanced imaging prior to initiation of care. Our staff is trained to screen for those candidates for whom Physical Therapy should be the first line of management. Multiple studies over the last 10 years indicate that both cost is less and duration of care is shorter when a Physical Therapist is accessed prior to physician consultation. At Pain Relief and Physical Therapy we work closely with local and regional physicians to ensure complex patients are referred on appropriately and ensure that the majority of patients who do not need advanced studies or imaging are optimally managed to meet their goals.

Call for Participants!

 We are currently recruiting patients with headaches for a study on CGH or cervicogenic headache. Addison Lerner-Lentz DPT, COMT is currently leading research in collaboration with Tufts Medical School and Franklin Pierce University in Boston as part of her Fellowship in Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy.

Many headache complaints are medically managed when in fact there is often a mechanical component which can be changed through physical intervention rather than symptom controlled through oral medications. If you suffer from headaches 2 or more times a month, you may be eligible. Please contact our office for further information.


Established in 1996.

Bryan O'Halloran realized his dream of opening his own physical therapy center in 1996. After working in Australia, the United Kingdom and with several elite teams in Australia (including Australian National Teams for men's and women's LAX, the Geelong Cats in the Australian Football League and the Geelong Supercats in the National Basketball League) he moved to the Virginia, then on to Havertown in Pennsylvania in 1992.
PRPT's first location was in Media, then Concordville, then Havertown. After significant expansion and increased administrative burden, Bryan decided to focus on his core interests in the Havertown office including research into shoulder and neck/back complaints, having published in several academic journals in the last year including "Physical Therapy" and "Manual Therapy.